Voter registration on a national scale is incredibly complex because of the intricacies of each state’s laws and requirements. In the end we built a flexible product that saves voters from having to understand the complexity of voting requirements and deadlines in all 50 states, makes it easy to integrate new requirements and edge cases, and supports the complicated PA API with a massive spreadsheet of testing requirements – including real time photo cropping for signature upload!


Iwillvote.com is a voter registration and education tool designed to help simplify an overly complicated registration process for voters.


Typically for non government voter registration states you are only able to complete a small percentage of the process, but then you are either sent to the local state website to finish or you have to print out your application and mail it in. Pennsylvania and Virginia are two states that are unique because you’re able to complete the end to end process on their government website. We were given access to their backend and developed the first third party end to end voter registration tool for those two states. 

The rebuilt version allows voters to go step by step through the registration process in every state, allowing the campaign to see how much of the registration process each voter completes, and follow up individually with the people who started but did not complete the form.



A fun data point, on National Voter Registration Day, we got 282K unique visitors to IWilVote.com and 65,000 people completed their registration path!