Hillary 2016 mobile app

The Hillary Clinton 2016 app was a digital organizing tool designed for Hillary supporters. The goal was to engage the thousands of passive supporters from our mailing list and inspire them to take daily actions for the campaign. 


There were hundreds of thousands of people on the Hillary for America mailing list who had never taken a single action with the campaign. The Hillary app was design to empower these lackadaisical supporters. 


The goal of the app was to completed a series of daily challenges to earn points and stars. The challenges were a variety of quizzes,  about Hillary Clinton and her policies, and actions, like signing up for an event or watching a video. As they progressed through the app supporters were able to earn badges to acknowledge their accomplishments. One of our most successful features was introducing office plants that supporters were in charge of watering. This feature helped so much with retention we ended up adding an office dog to help increase retention even further. 

We allowed our supporters to create their own universe where they were able to participate in campaign activities from the comfort of their own couch. 


I was the lead product designer in a team of 9 to bring this application to life. We were a team of 3 android engineers, 4 IOS engineers, an incredible illustrator who donated his time and worked remotely from CA and our product manager who came from DreamWorks with a wealth of gamification knowledge. The IOS app was launched on the day of the Democratic convention on July 21, 2016 and the Android app followed up a month later. 

As we got closer to Election Day, our goals switched from retention to encouraging supporters to share with their friends. We had hoped that if every supporter was able to reach out to some of their friends and remind them to register to vote, and then on Election Day to vote, we’d be able to widen our voter universe significantly. 

The application was an amazing innovation for campaigns. It was unchartered territory for us, but we saw incredible results. Over 50% of users did not donate, attend events or volunteer before app. Here is an incredibly kind article about the innerworkings of our application.