Hillary for America fund

I was lead designer for Hillary for America’s donation platform. This included numerous a/b testing to optimize our donation experience and coversion, as well as small bespoke projects, such as Buck Trump. 


Even up until the last week of the election each step of the desktop and mobile donation flow was tried, tested and optimized. 


Our templates now supports adding a “goal thermometer” to any donate page. The percent threshold is self-serve, so page owners can update their goal as they see fit.

Transparency is important.

This was something I learned at charity: water. The importance of telling people where there money will go. This was a cornerstone for a lot of our work at charity: water and felt even more important to bring aspects of those learnings to the campaign. Especially regarading political donations, the idea of a black hole rings very true. Where does my money go? Why do well off politicans need so much money from me? We implemented a test to break down where donations go along with the different donation sizes. 

Every time Trump says something offensive, chip in $1 to help keep him out of the White House.

We created a debate watching companion for the RNC as a way to help people channel their aggression. Everytime Trump said something on TV that was offensive users were able to “stop Trump” which would poke him and chil in $1 to the Hillary Campaign. This was a creative alternative to a lot of the projects our donate team had been working on and we had a blast creating it.

Just in time for debate #1, the “Chip-in” box on the homepage now supports quick donate chiclets for logged in users with saved cards! Those users who are logged in with saved cards can now 1-click donate, as shown below.

We added the ability to complete the entire donation flow from our homepage, instead being taken to our donate page.

We tested a primer splash on the donate page. Users saw a signed letter from HRC with a single “I’m in” CTA. The splash increased mobile conversion significantly.